Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tok and Delta Junction ~Alaska Trip Day 17

We have driven approximately 3,700 miles now.

These two girls love the signs to stick your head through. Meg is as good at spotting them as she is at finding playgrounds! The thermometer display at the Tok visitors center said the town's record high was 92* and record low was -85*.

Since Tok is the unofficial dog mushing capital of Alaska, we stopped at Burnt Paw gift shop and peeked at their Alaskan Husky pups & mushing display.

We also made a brief stop at the Public Land Management office where there were very nice Alaskan animal displays. (Read those tour books, they tell you about most attractions and if they charge admission. We're on an economy tour here, so we may miss some big-name familiar spots, but discover some unique ones instead along the way!)

Delta Junction marks the end of the Alaskan Highway. We hit the meat processing place first for samples of yak, reindeer, and elk. They were butchering a moose while we browsed. Next we explored the small Farmer's Market. Mom bought some delicious molasses cookies, the girls made several friends, Shannon visited with some locals, and we enjoyed relaxation in the sunshine. Across the lot was a well-preserved building, Sullivan's Roadhouse. The volunteer history buffs were exuberant to share the details of these olden days gone by...more gold rush tales. The garden was beautiful, overflowing with gigantic produce.


These Mennonites from Ukraine were a bit hard to communicate with due to their broken English. The smiling one demonstrated putting horseradish leaf on sore knees or feet. They wanted $15 or $20 for the large cabbage (they debated a bit between themselves in their language when I asked!) I think the honey was $24 a pint.

These friendly homeschoolers originally hailed from Michigan. They are cooking/baking on a woodstove in a temporary cabin until their dad and brother finishes building a house. The wheat bread and cookies looked amazing. Mother wove different crafts & cloths to sell.

The little girls aren't the only ones enjoying these signs!

After driving an agricultural loop, past plots of farmground and down gravel roads, we came upon a lovely suppering spot at Big Delta State Historic Park.

pipeline bridge
The Alaska landscape I pictured didn't meet our eyes until we were 2 days into the state.

Tanana River sunset. We overnighted here at a turnout.
"Head north to Alaska; go north, the rush is on!"

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