Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dawson City, Yukon ~Alaska Trip Day 15

Dawson City, a town that swelled with residents for 2 years during the Klondike Gold Rush.

We got laundry started and took a short 9th Avenue hike beyond the town, coming out of the woods at the Jack London museum. Riley, Caroline, and Cora went inside for a presentation where they learned about his gold panning year here before he made his fortune as an author in California.

inside Jack London's cabin

We walked the town streets, finished up laundry, ate lunch, and bought groceries. The Canadian dollar is about $.80 of the American dollar, but still these were definitely remote area or tourist prices! ($6.50 for a pack of regular ol' hot dogs, anyone?)

There is a nice path beside the Yukon River, above the town. This fellow had fruit brought 36 hours from British Columbia to sell at Whitehorse and Dawson City.

To continue the drive on to Alaska, rather than backtracking back south to Whitehorse, the road provides a free ferry across the river 24 hours a day. We crossed without a hitch and stopped on the other side to explore a paddle wheel graveyard. There wasn't really a trail, you just walked on the rocky bank half a mile to the rotting remains of 7 sternwheelers.

 It was a fascinating place to visit if you don't mind taking a couple days to drive 300 miles in near-wilderness. I'm glad we went but don't need to visit again, as you will see in the next post, the Top of the World Highway into Alaska was even more desolate with bouncier roads!

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