Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dawson City, YT ~Alaska Trip Day 14

August 7. We are driving north on a patchy, sometimes gravelly road to Dawson City. At the Watson Creek visitor center Mom picked up passport books to be stamped in the Yukon at various attractions, so we paused in Carmacks, read the history of the town, and got a stamp for the game book. (They're drawing a winner to receive 1 oz. of gold.)

Northern Tutchone Firt NAtions Tage Cho Hudan Interpretive Center
We stopped for lunch at Pelly Crossing river valley turnout. A motorhome beside us pulled out their portable table and chairs to enjoy dinner al fresco, but we have been sticking inside where we can just leave the food on the stove in pans and have one server dishing out gruel. When travelling with 9 people we are sacrificing some niceties for simplicity's sake. Walking through Banff's tourist throngs was almost a nightmare, but in 10 years from now (just the 2 of us) it would be entertaining, enjoyable, and possibly even relaxing!

our first eagle sighting (that dark spot on the sand bar)
2 Trumpeter swans are floating at the back of this pond
Near Dawson City, we detoured for a fresh vegetable road sign. Down a long lane we were greeted with a log cabin, several small greenhouses bulging with green growing things, and this cute self-serve shack. We chose 2 heads of lettuce for $3 each, but passed on the $3.50 tomatoes, $6 cabbages, and $3lb. potatoes. Though they all looked lovely!

It was after 5pm when we parked, compacted to one RV, and drove down Bonanza Creek Road to Dredge #4, the largest wood hull gold-mining dredge in North America.

We continued on to the Discovery Claim historic site where Skookum Jim and his comrades (including a Charlie and Patsy Henderson) struck it rich with their gold discovery, instigating the Klondike Gold Rush. We tried a little panning ourselves in the stream, but only came away with sparkly rocks.

The touristy Claim 33 was closed for the day, which allowed us to meander the property, peeking in window and checking outside displays.

The flowers are pretty, tucked in dredge buckets and other quaint pots. We ate a late supper and settled down before twilight. Last night was the first bed-at-daylight experience; I was up after 11pm and the sky was still as bright as 7pm at home. Rather strange!

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