Monday, August 22, 2016

Tanana Valley State Fair, Fairbanks ~Alaska Trip Day 18

While driving north to Fairbanks, the highway goes right past Eielson Air Force Base. We weren't permitted to take pictures, but in the few minutes we cruised through, 5 fighter jets left the runway with a blast of noise and glowing red fuel!

Arriving in Fairbanks, we stopped at the cultural/visitor center where there is always parking room for RVs. There we watched a mystical film on the Northern Lights. The information fellow told me his friend saw a hint of it already the previous night, so guess who is waking up between 1-3 a.m. to look for colors in the night sky? (Not to be disappointed, I saw a stationary pale teal color that very morning in part of the northern sky. No sign since though, several days afterwards.)

 A path next to the visitor center took us along the river to downtown Golden Heart Park.

Then we drove out of town a bit to view the massive 800 mile, 48 inch diameter, oil pipeline that crosses 3 mountain ranges and over 500 rivers & streams. This project cost $8 billion from 1975-1977, beginning at Prudhoe Bay and ending in Valdez.

And last of all for the day, an Alaska fair experience.

vendors in the exhibitor's hall, reeled in the girls to get curls

Throw the newspaper through the hole for a prize!

Pie eating contest. Yes, the boy on the end lost it all at the end, poor thing!

Freight dog demonstration

Look who can pull 2,300 pounds!


Bedtime curls. This pic was taken after 10:30 at night. (still not twilight!)

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