Friday, August 5, 2016

Jasper National Park ~Alaska Trip Day 8

Breakfast at Bow Lake.

We started on the Bow Falls hike, but just walked around the lake. It would have been a neat climb to the falls (in the picture they're right above Shannon's hand) but it was over 3 miles and we are keeping our walks a bit shorter, to under 2.

Just down the road was Bow Summit where there was a nice high view of Peyto Lake and the surrounding valley. We hiked another semi-paved trail, but it was quite steep and still crowded. When we were eating breakfast at the lake, at least 4 tour buses stopped and unloaded many, many sightseers.

Next stop: Athabasca Glacier. We climbed up to the toe of it in blustery, chilly weather. A stream and rope barricade kept us from actually touching the ice. It was exhilarating to be out in the cool, fresh mountain air.

Athabasca Falls was impressive in the sheer volume of water crashing through the rocks. There was quite a spray down near the bottom. The thundering river drowned out the foreign chatter that the pristine lakes we visited previously in the park could not. Ah, God's beautiful creation; a delight that dances before our eyes!

Our last adventure of the day was to ride 3,000 feet up the mountainside on Jasper's sky tram to over 7,400 feet elevation. It only took 7 minutes, so the thrill (or dread, as was Shannon's case) of the ride was soon over, however the spanning vista was not!

We hiked part way up the to the summit, then just stopped and enjoyed the little tundra critters, the sweeping view, and cool, clean  air.
Farewell fascinating national parks of Alberta, Canada!

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