Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sport Fish Hatchery and Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, ~Alaska Trip Day 20

Saturday morning, Don gave us a drone session in the outback. He is getting some fantastic angles on his pictures with this thing. After his introductory course, he let the men fly it. Very cool!

Next up for the day, grocery shopping, then laundry.

This place seemed right on the homeless strip; next to the soup kitchen, down a few doors from a literacy bookstore that resembled an old, dusty library. I think the road tripping had started to catch up with was hot & stuffy by the dryers, my people were napping in the breezy RV, I was sweating over the clothes as I babysat the 2 littles who were befriending barking dogs & ragtag children out of my line of vision. Tour guide, navigator, meal planner, hair braider, motorhome cleaner, clothes launderer was ready for a break!

It really wasn't too traumatic, but I endured a long moment of selfish grouchiness (expended on poor Dad as he was the first person to show up and help me transport 3 mammoth laundry loads to the motorhomes).

After a protein shake, shoulder rub, and chill time, we moved on to the newly opened sport fish hatchery in town. We could see the multiple tanks packed with small fish via a window in one, and the fish & game fellow working shared lots of information. There were a couple very well done, interesting videos on the work of the wildlife program, such as tranquilizing bears to measure their teeth and netting mountain goats from a helicopter for more studies. We sat and watched and peppered the man with questions. It was an almost perfect visit, except for the merciless mosquitoes that came in through the propped-open door. It was closing time, so on we moved.

At Pioneer Park we heard the kiddie train whistle blow. Around the park it chugged, a fun kid's attraction. We let the littles burn off energy on the playground, then we meandered through the restored 20th century cabins that hold shops, restaurants, and museums. One historical house had an old film showing clips of the park when it first opened; the dress in that era was quite different! We sang a few hymns in the tiny old church, and walked through the Alaska Railroad presidential car that William G. Harding rode to Nenana in to drive a golden spike. The girls lifted the toilet lid and discovered it was just a hole to outside! Of course they promptly crawled beneath the train car to find the outlet and surprise Mamaw with a smiling face when she, upon instruction, (because what mature adult would do that?) peeked in.

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