Saturday, August 13, 2016

Arriving in the Yukon ~Alaska Trip Day 12

Shortly after we started driving this morning, it was exciting to come across several bison spread out along the road. One was floundering back and forth in his wallow and a small calf was struggling to get up. We noticed quite a few wallows, then, as we drove along.

We met a camper on a gravel stretch that kicked up a spray of rocks; one of which hit the windshield like a gunshot, chipping it. I suppose we are officially initiated into the Alaskan trekkers club now! 

One last shot of British Columbia where Shannon walked with the girls down to the river to run off some energy.

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. We parked by the Signpost Forest to eat lunch, watch a historic film in the visitor's center, and dry some of the damp hot springs swimwear.

Traveling on, we refreshed ourselves by walking the short trail to Rancheria Falls.

Suppertime arrived near the Nisutlin Bay Bridge approaching Teslin. We drove across with the windows down to hear the jiggly mesh road noise, then ate by a trail that went down to the water.

The first of several First Nations cultural centers we've passed, sprinkled through these northern towns.

Most of the day was spent driving and riding with a few pit-stops. We motored on until 10:30pm in hopes of seeing more wildlife; to no avail. However we witnessed a beautiful sunset before stopping for the night at a rest area.

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