Monday, September 26, 2016

Bear Glacier and the end of Cassiar Highway ~Alaska Trip Day 45

It rained all night and all day. Thankfully it wasn't a torrential rain, however it did limit visibility.
We averaged 40 mph on this sealcoat hard-packed road.

The lakeview from our roadside campsite.

We managed to miss our turn in the road and didn't realize it until 16 miles later when we passed this massive glacier. Woah...nothing was written about this in the milepost book! What is going on? We're heading west on Stewart Highway to Hyder, Alaska! We had already considered taking this smallish side trip, but with overcast skies and no sights beyond the hanging fog, we slowly turned around and headed back out! It was a strange day of eerie gray swirls with glimpses of ice patches, waterfalls, and trees. I'm sure it was a magnificent place, but we just could not see far through the haze.

Bear Glacier

That mistake added a little spark to our otherwise monotonous day of driving in the drizzle.

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