Saturday, September 3, 2016

Eklutna Tailrace Fishing and Milestone Birthdays ~Alaska Trip Day 27

Solely youth salmon fishing was between these two orange flags at the beginning of the river. We had a slow, chilly morning with few nibbles. Fishing from 6 a.m.-7:30 a.m. could have been a challenge for our family, but the excitement ran high, and with friends, the earliness didn't even matter! Nikita pulled in a silver, but it was snagged, not hooked in the mouth, so back in it went.

foggy morning on the Knik

Saturday night was our multi-birthday celebration. Milestone birthdays included Fred: 70 years, Shane & Shannon: 40 years, Nikita & Riley :16 years, Annie: 14 years, and Brandy: 13 years. Freddie, the patriarch got special treatment, serenaded with an oldie goldie tune in honor of his hoary head. He also received a large pile of birthday cards (nearly 60) his friends & family mailed out ahead of time.

Elder Chief Freddie well-pleased with his significant stack.

The pizza, chips, pop, chocolate-peanut butter cake, & ice cream were a yummy treat, but the real delight was hearing from loved ones who care. Thanks everybody for showering them with cards and taking time to send a blessing to these 3 men!                Happy Birthday ya'll!

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