Monday, September 5, 2016

Life with Turner Family & a Plane Ride ~Alaska Trip Days 31-32

Mom and Dad left for Anchorage Wednesday after lunch. We took some family photographs of the Turner family before saying good-bye. It proceeded to rain on and off the next couple of days allowing for more indoor games and "store." Cindy and I got our hair styled at the salon for free because we weren't issued paper money from the bank like the other girls. We always had piles of laundry in progress because of the damp weather, nearby creek, and boreal forest landscape the kiddos were exploring. I washed twice as many loads here in half the amount of days compared to the beginning of our trip! There was also plenty of food to fix, feeding 15 people each time.

One afternoon we snuck in a short walk/bike ride, with babies in tow.
Hunter rode with the big boys to get 4-wheeler gas.

On the eve of Shannon's birthday, Hank arranged for a plane ride with his former employer. The Cessna 170 had 2 seats in it, so Shannon rode first, then Riley took a spin. Chet had Riley turn the plane around and change altitude, much to Riley's dismay. These are the pictures Shannon took as he was dreaming in the sky.

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