Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kitwanga to Prince George, British Columbia ~Alaska Trip Day 46

Thursday morning, we wanted to keep moving, so before 8 a.m. we walked down the steps and up Battle Hill in Kitwanga where we had spent the night. How fitting that an eagle soared overhead as we learned of the great Gitwangak chief that had previously dominated this area.

Since fuel in Canada is sold by the liter, to calculate gallons, we multiply by 3.785. However their dollar is about $.80 of the U.S. dollar, so that adds another twist to calculations. We generally paid with our credit card that automatically gave us the daily conversion rate without an additional percentage tacked on. The grand total mileage for this trip was 9,400...averaging the gas price to $2.73 per gallon.

We stopped at the Hazelton cabin visitor center and the Vanderhoof visitor center & heritage museum.

And we found another playground park in Prince George to fix and eat supper nearby.

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