Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ninilchik and Homer ~Alaska Trip Day 37

Tuesday, August 30, we're on the way to Homer. We made a pit stop at Soldotna to gas up, empty tanks, and grocery shop at Fred Meyer (Alaska's Dillons or Kroger store). We encountered a not-so-happy lady there who informed us that driving the way we were, holding up traffic, would get us a ticket. Although a police car had followed us the last few miles into town. She did say, "Welcome to Alaska" twice, despite her irritation. Traveling later we finally understood the frequent signs that said Delay of more than 5 vehicles is illegal. Pull over and let the car train behind us by!

On the other hand, at a road construction stop, a very friendly lady encouraged to us pull forward so we could see the volcano Mt. Redoubt and offered local travel advice.

We stopped at the Russian Orthodox Church, then pulled through Ninilchik Village below. 

At 1:30 p.m. we arrived at the Homer overlook and saw 2 eagles soaring above us. We cruised into town, got wet at Bishop Beach, perused Island's and Oceans Visitor Center, drove up and down the spit, then set up camp by the sand.

Homer Spit jutting out into Kachemak Bay

Bishop's Beach

The Spit's tide going out.

Relaxing while the children play, watching the seabirds, chatting with locals who have their dogs out on the beach, picnicking for supper, building a campfire in the sand; these are the moments of soul refreshment that I long for and relish. 

"In moments like these I lift up my voice, I lift up my voice to the Lord; saying I love you, Lord..."

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