Friday, September 16, 2016

Valdez and Worthington Glacier ~Alaska Trip Day 41

We spent the night north of Valdez at a turnout beside a river. The next morning we walked the auto-tour of Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery. The weir caught so many salmon trying to go up the stream that didn't exist (because they originated from the hatchery) that it was a stinky decaying mess. Gulls screamed all over and it was so sad to see the wasted masses. We watched the fish that did manage to swim up the ladder waiting for the gate to be lifted for entrance into the hatchery.

Next we drove into the town of Valdez. The small boat harbor lured us to walk the docks. The locals and weekenders were snagging salmon right and left. Off the dock, in their boats, right on the bank, it was fun to see them reel in such heavy loads, then scoop up the fish with a net to knock on the head.

Trails in a town? This brushy overlook trail took us up a bluff for a higher view; a little piece of wilderness worked in amongst the paved streets.

We ate lunch at one of the parks with a playground so the children could run. The town was so quiet! Most of the people were out at the waterside with fishing poles in hand.

The sea also brought painters out to its shores. This gal lived a couple hours away. She taught homeschoolers acrylic painting and was trying her hand with oils today.
The road we came in on is the one out as well. We stopped for pictures at Horsetail Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Another stop for Worthington Glacier made a very worthwhile visit! We climbed a short distance past the lookout and information signs and actually touched the glacier!!! Others crossed the creek and walked up underneath the ice, but we were thrilled to just feel the icy breeze, taste the cold glacier, hear the rushing water, and see the blue-cold mass up close.

Wrangell Mountains

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