Saturday, September 10, 2016

Homer to Anchorage ~Alaska Trip Day 38

We spent a relaxing morning on Homer Spit before meeting our one scheduled event of this trip: Riley's flight home. We had a couple hundred miles to drive before 6:40 p.m., so we turned north, (since Homer is land's end on the peninsula) and motored on.

morning on the spit; low tide

One of those really cool volcanoes in the Chigmit Mountains again! This photo taken from Anchor Point.

No road further west either, barred by Cook's Inlet.

We made good time driving, so we stopped at Potter Marsh bird sanctuary for a boardwalk stretch and supper before entering the city.

Riley's first time to fly since he was 3 years old, and this time, alone!
The man in front of us was checking his 40# box of frozen fish to TX that he and 3 buddies had caught.

The airport shuttle excursion was a great fieldtrip.

We still had some daylight left, so we checked out Kincaid Park. Wandering on the Frisbee golf course, Shannon spotted these moose quietly munching midst the people noises in all directions. We watched them for 15 minutes then finally located the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Alas, it was quite a trek through the forest to the water, but via a nice smooth paved path.

We overnighted at Cabela's and guess who showed up beside us?! We chatted/kids played with the Turner family late enough that we experienced the Northern Lights! Beautiful pale green light streaks shot across the sky, twisting and dancing, brightening, then streaming long and flitting short.

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