Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beginning of Cassiar Highway ~Alaska Trip Day 44

Before leaving Whitehorse, Shannon and I took the little girls and walked to the Real Canadian Superstore for bread, fruit, rice, coffee, and bulk bin candy. We had a little difficulty converting grams to pounds and Canadian dollars to U.S. money, but 45 minutes later we walked back to Annie's waiting hot breakfast, gassed up, dumped, and motored on.

The turnout view where we stopped for lunch with several other campers, including a couple from southern Ohio.

Near Watson Lake, we turned south onto unchartered territory, Highway 37. We left Yukon behind and started the long route down through British Columbia.

Just minutes after leaving the busier Alaska Highway, we encountered a mama black bear and her two cubs next to the road. We got into the drizzles here and drove the rest of the daylight in patchy rain, watching the huge overhanging clouds.

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