Friday, September 2, 2016

Wasilla ~Alaska Trip Days 25 & 26

Thursday was a day of playing and relaxing. It was nice weather again, so the children rode bikes and enjoyed the outdoors. This firepit is just a short distance from the front (used to be back) door, so it has quite a drawing for the littles.

Cindy is a whiz at fixing mass quantities of food for company. I got my longed for recuperation in their home as we stayed put for 11 days in their birch wooded drive. Mom & Dad got a little more elbow room at a big table and much more than just one dish suppers. Plus plenty of nap/coffee time. Life is good!

Thursday night we went a few miles over to Caleb & Janine King's for a Bible study & singing (and to say hello to Vernon & Donna, fellow KS folks). They had a nice crowd in their garage. The music was lovely, and God blessed us with a brilliant double rainbow afterward that we could see from their backyard.

The next day we had a young beauty salon set up, among other activities. After lunch we visited the Dorothy Page museum where the children had fun with a scavenger hunt in the exhibits. There was a neat optical illusion painted on the wall going downstairs that looked like you were headed into the Independence Gold Mine. The historic buildings outside were locked, but we snapped a pic of the field trippers on the porch.

So many girls! Almost a perfect fit of friends for the 2 families.

Shannon went to work with Shane finishing up a tiny home for his friends parents' guest cottage (a home away from home when they fly in to visit). We stopped by to see the building's progress.

A few days later, they were almost ready to set up furniture.
Friday night we met the Chan family, friends of the Turner family. We had a sweet time of fellowship and sharing over yummy pasta, alfredo, marinara, salad, and garlic bread while the children played with the salmon in the river.

Jeff, Moriah, Titus, Noah, Justice, and newborn (since this photo) Mathias Chan

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