Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hatcher Pass ~Alaska Trip Days 33 & 34

Friday morning dawned with dappled sunshine! We took advantage of the beautiful weather for a drive up Hatcher Pass.

We wound around up the road beside a rapid creek above the clouds that hovered over Palmer
Independence Mine was one of Alaska's largest gold mines in 1906. The first claim staked by Robert Hatcher.

Summit Lake is at the crest of the pass offering clear blue sparkling water views one direction and sweeping valley looks out the other. Shane spotted high-bush cranberries that we promptly picked clean. The teenagers hiked higher for greater photo ops and the younger children tested the echo on both sides of the hill. Then the irresistible water beckoned, so off came shoes & socks, and up rolled the pants for a splashing wade.

Later that afternoon, Shannon and I explored the Turner's "backyard" on their 4-wheeler. We crossed several shallow channels & deep creeks of the Susitna River. The dead salmon that either spawned or didn't make it upstream made an awful stench in the surrounding vicinity of the water. We spun through frequent puddles from the recent rain, passed by overgrown hay meadows, accidentally trespassed on posted ground, and arrived back mud-splattered & appreciative of Kansas' hot arid summers.

Shane gave us a School of Survival course on 5-minute fires and coal bowls.
It was a grand outdoorsy kind of day!

Last day chats in the sunshine of the meadow

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