Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BC-97, BC-1, and USA ~ Alaska Trip Day 47

We had a lovely drive this day through narrow picturesque Fraser River valley, and later on BC-1, beside San Jose River Canyon. Cattle, horses, irrigation systems, saw mills, logging industries, trains, etc. We drove through 7 tunnels and across tight bridges.

At the 108 Mile House Heritage Center we peered into the old log buildings that were erected on the Caribou Wagon Road for the rush to Caribou gold fields. It was a beautiful day that warmed us up so much, we shed our jackets, then sweaters, that had been our constant friends for several weeks in the northern autumn weather.

We weren't sure how customs would like it, but I was sure tempted to bring half a dozen boxes of #2 apples home for $5 Canadian. Instead we purchased a few peaches and plums that could quickly be eaten, if need be. I adore farm stands such as these!

We made another stop at the old Alexandria suspension bridge. It was a beautiful bridge with a short lovely hike. The coal train crossed our trail and the tracks hissed before & after it passed.

Near the end of our international travel, we used up Fahrah's Canadian cash on gas and Wendy's frosties in Abbotsford. It sure is handy having these grandparents along! They even brought their own food & lodging!

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